New Business Start-Up Questionnaire


 I believe our nation is founded on the right to own property and the sanctity of contract, and that entrepreneurs drive our economy.  I have the privilege of representing these creative people. 

 You should consult an experienced business law attorney to help you through the process of launching your business venture.  In order to do the best possible job on your behalf, I will need information about both the business venture and the entrepreneur(s).  What follows are questions I’ve learned to ask over the years.  At our first meeting, please be prepared to provide, as applicable, the following information: 



Name __________________________________


Date of Birth ____________________________


Home Address





Business Address





Home Phone Number ____________________________


Work Phone Number ____________________________


Other Phone Number ____________________________


Facsimile Number _______________________________


E-mail Address __________________________________


Web Site Address ________________________________


Have you ever declared bankruptcy, been accused, convicted or found liable for any violation of a federal or state securities law or regulation, or entered into a consent decree with, or had an injunction granted against you by, any federal or state enforcement agency or commerce department?  (If yes, provide details)




Present Employer _______________________________


Employment Position ____________________________


How long have your worked there? _______________


Do you intend to remain employed there? __________


If yes, for how long? __________


Did your current employer or any past employer require you to sign a noncompetition or confidentiality agreement? __________ (If yes, provide a copy to me at our first meeting)


Did you develop your business concept on your employer’s time or premises? __________


Did you use any company resources in developing your business concept? __________


If yes, what resources? ______________________


Have you approached your employer with your business venture? __________


If yes, what was your employer's response? ______________________



(Your business partners, if any, should provide the same information you have provided)




Have you taken any steps to incorporate your business, or to form and LLC or partnership? __________ (If yes, provide details)


Who will initially own the business, in what percentages, and for what contributions?



Which of the owners are expected to be employed by the business? __________________


In what capacities? ________________________________________________________


For what compensation? ___________________________________________________


Are there any written contracts between the owners? __________ (If yes, provide a copy to me at our first meeting)


Do you have a written business plan? __________ (If yes, provide a copy to me at our first meeting)


Have you offered to sell or sold any interests in your business to any investors? _________ (If yes, provide details)


Have you obtained or sought to obtain any loans for your business? __________ (If yes, provide details)


Have you retained any consultants, accountants, or tax professionals? __________ (If yes, provide details)


Have you promised an interest in the company to any consultants? __________ (If yes, provide details)


What assets does the business own? __________


Do you, any of your partners, or the business own any inventions the business intends to exploit? __________ (If yes, provide details)


Is the business a party or potential party to any joint venture, license, or similar agreement? __________ (If yes, provide a copy to me at our first meeting)


Does the business have any trademarks or logos you wish to protect? __________ (If yes, provide details or renderings)


Does the business own or lease any real estate? __________ (If yes, provide details)


Does the business have any written financial statements? __________ (If yes, provide a copy to me at our first meeting)




(Make a list of other pertinent questions you want to ask me)


Please call me when you are ready to launch your new business or new business idea.  I would genuinely enjoy listening to see where I might be of service.

Thank you.


 Marvin Champlin