New Estate Executor Questionnaire

You have just found out that a recently deceased friend or loved one named you as their personal representative or executor.  You are generally aware a personal representative has several important duties, but you don't know what they are.  Where do you turn for help?

 I am honored that part of my job as the personal representative's lawyer is to de-mystify your job and make it less stressful.   My clients ask me to help them with as many of their duties as possible.  I help, for example, in the Court filings and hearings, notifying beneficiaries, gathering, inventorying and valuing the Decedent’s assets, selling assets when desired, setting up Estate bank accounts, clearing title to real estate, filing of Estate tax returns, collecting debts, and notifying and dealing with Estate creditors.

My experience in Estate administration will see you through this very difficult period.

Often, the first step is simply to decide to focus on first things, including whether a formal probate proceeding is even necessary and the possible alternatives.  This brief information list may help you prepare for our first meeting.  

 Probate Information to Give Your Attorney

 Ø     Full Name of Decedent (First, middle, last):


Ø     Name of Personal Representative (Executor):


Ø     Personal Representative's (Executor's) address:


Ø     Decedent's date of death:


Ø     Decedent's last known address:


Ø     Decedent's social security number:


Ø     Decedent's birth date and age at time of death:


Ø     Decedent's County and State of residence at time of death:


Ø     Counties where the Decedent owned real estate in Texas:


Ø     Other States where the Decedent owned real estate:


Ø     Names, addresses and relationship of all Estate beneficiaries (Please provide age and birth date if beneficiary is under 18 yrs. of age):


Ø     Nature and approximate value of each asset in the Estate:


Ø     Date of Decedent's Last Will (and Codicil if applicable):


Ø     Witnesses of Decedent's Last Will (and Codicil if applicable):


Ø     Known creditors of the Decedent (Type of debt, creditor’s name, address, amount owed or claimed):


Ø     Known debtors of the Decedent (Type of debt, debtor’s name, address, amount owed or claimed):


Ø     Your questions you want to ask me:


Remember:  I want to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you.  Call me if you have any questions about the Estate you are named to handle or about Texas probate in general.

 Thank you.


 Marvin Champlin